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Nevis Islamic Organisation

Last Updated: 2006-01-15  


Nevis Islamic Organisation
Bath Village,
Charlestown, Daly city WI, SAINT KITTS NEVIS




Leaving Charlestown travelling the island's main road going in a southerly direction, turn left at the Gas Station (Reliable Motors) continuing until you reach the roundabout in Bath Village, make a left and continue up on Bath Village Road. As you head up the Bath Village Roads on your left is a road leading to Nevis Historic Bath Hotel, do not make a left turn keep going on the same Bath Village Road and as you go up the Hill there is a little road to your right(paved), you continue pass this road until you come to the second road on your right (this one is a dirt road), obliquely opposite on your left is the Mosque, A House like concrete structure and fenced.

General Information:

General Islamic Duties, Paryers, Sisters meetings on Sundays, Madrasa for children

Activities 1:

5 am-5:15 am: Everyday,Fajr,

General Activities:

Right now we have tarweeh prayers being offered every night in the month of Ramadan. Also some good brothers and Sisters provide Iftaar after Isha prayers


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