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There are some 800 active European proselytizers in Morocco where some 1,000 people converted to Christianity in 2004. (Reuters)

1.Christian Missionaries Eye Morocco
By IslamOnline(IOL)] 
A new breed of Christian missionaries is turning to the North African Muslim kingdom of Morocco in search for new ground to spread their faith.

"The goal is to give a clear presentation of the Gospel," Tyler, a member of an Ohio Baptist church who set up Project North Africa in Morocco, told Reuters on Monday, December 15. "If you had the cure to the AIDS virus, would you not want to take it to the people?"

Tyler, who says his work could be disrupted if he gave his surname, has come to Morocco some three years ago.

"Three years ago I began praying about parts of the world that had not taken up the Gospel."

Since then, he has been preparing the ground for colleagues, mostly from South America, who would learn Morocco's dialect and seek to set up small businesses to fund the group's evangelical work.  


2. Morocco CIA Factbook 
Arabic (official), Berber languages (Tamazight (official), Tachelhit, Tarifit), French (often the language of business, government, and diplomacy)

Muslim 99% (official), Christian 1%, Jewish about 6,000

32,309,239 (July 2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 38


3.Morocco: christian missonary 
International Islamic News Agency(IINA)]
Rabat, Safar 13/Apr 26,2002(IINA) – The Socialist Unionist Party, the largest of the parties in the Moroccan Government, has warned of intensified Christian missionary activity in the country, particularly among the youth.

A statement issued by the party says that this heightened activity is due to the fact that Morocco is strategically situated and is close to Europe, and because many segments of Morocco’s people speak foreign languages, such as French, Spanish, and English, which makes for easy communication with them.

The report goes on to point out that many of the Postal Boxes in such cities as Marrakech are overflowing with Bibles, including addresses for anyone who wished to make contact, for clarification of any matter.

The report also confirms that a number of youths who have been won over, have formed themselves into cohesive groups that seek to attract more of their kind, despite the security surveillance on such activities and the warning of parents. The missionaries use several ruses in their efforts to attract followers.


4.  Morocco Info  
By U.S Library of Congress]
The coastal regions of present-day Morocco shared in an early
Neolithic culture that was common to the whole Mediterranean littoral. Archaeological remains point to the domestication of cattle and the cultivation of crops in the region during that period. Eight thousand years ago, south of the great mountain ranges in what is now the Sahara Desert, a vast savanna supported Neolithic hunters and herders whose culture flourished until the region began to desiccate as a result of climatic changes after 4000 B.C. The Berbers entered Moroccan history toward the end of the second millennium B.C., when they made initial contact with oasis dwellers on the steppe who may have been the remnants of the earlier savanna people.