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1.  Exhibition sheds further light on Islam
By on 28.08.2008]

Efforts to make Islam more popular as a religion in Seychelles have gathered speed. A week of activities was set on its way on Monday and continued on Tuesday with the opening of an exhibition at the National Library, held to shed more light on the religion and what it hopes to achieve.

The exhibits, mainly posters, have been designed to answer a series of questions about Islam. These include pieces about Allah, as well as others on the Qur’an, the religion’s book of worship.

Issues such as how Islam guarantees human rights and elevates the status of women are also tackled, and the exhibition is open until tomorrow.


2.Islam in Seychelles

Islam in the Indian Ocean was established by Muslim sea merchants well before the European discovery of Seychelles. However, unlike in other island states including the Comoros and Maldives, there were no permanent inhabitants in Seychelles until the French settlement in 1770. Today, the Muslim population of the islands is reported to be only 1.1%, roughly 900 people. Many of its island neighbors in the southern Indian Ocean, including Comoros, the Maldives and Zanzibar, have a much larger Muslim influence because of their settlements by Muslims before European colonization. Mauritius also has a much higher Muslim population due to the importation of labour from British India on a scale not seen in Seychelles. The government of Seychelles allows 15 minutes of religious broadcasting every Friday for the Muslim community.