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1.  Religion in Macau
 The Guan Yin Statue, a modern representation of goddess  Guan Yin.Religion in Macau is diverse: there is no state religion; the freedom of religion and belief is protected by  Macau's constitutional document the  Macau Basic Law.

The Macau government practices freedom of religion and respects the rights of the people in Macau. Based on 3:34 of the Basic Law, "The people in Macau have freedom of religion and they can preach, or participate in religious activities."


2. Islam in Macau

 When I moved to Macau with my family in 2006 - after living six years in Hong Kong -  finding halal food became a major issue for us. I knew very few people in Macau then and, of those whom I knew, none was Muslim.  Because of the large size of Muslim population in Hong Kong this was never a major issue there. I could just call a friend or search the website of Muslim organisations in Hong Kong to find such information. So, in September 2006, we became frequent Hong Kong visitors, mostly to get halal food items. It was expensive and time consuming.