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Countries of Europe



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FACTS ABOUT EUROPE (Including the former USSR or CIS)

Area: Europe, apart from the CIS (former USSR) is 4,874,040 square kilometers; the former USSR is 22,402,200 sq. km.

Population: Europe = 501,000,000; CIS = 288,000,000

Number of Countries: 35

Number of Principalities, Republics or Territories: 15

Highest Mountain: Communism Peak in the Pamir Mountains = 7495 meters

Largest Lake: The Caspian Sea = 371,000 sq. km.

Longest River: The Ob-Irtysh River = 5410 km.

Over 300 million people in 12 countries use the € (Euro) currency as of January 1 2002. Of those 300+ million, very few are "evangelical" Christians (less than 2%). Please pray for Europe and Hope for Europe who seek to reach this continent in new and wonderful ways by His grace in the 21st Century!

Here are 48 countries and territories of Europe with some general information and links to their Home Pages and maps. When you see "Multiple Listings" beside a country, it means you will go to a more general page first where you can choose specific cultural, social, political, tourist, etc., entry points.

Regarding the Religious statistics below, many countries of Europe have an official state church (religion). Unless otherwise registered, the population statistics simply lump everyone into the state church grouping. Both church attendance and biblical belief are much below the numbers listed. However, this will give you a rough idea of breakdowns and canton.

BTW, we do have contacts in most of these countries, so let us know if we can help link you to friendly locals.

  • ALBANIA: Population = 3,113,434 Capital = Tirana; Area = 28,700 sq. km.
    Christian 41.48% (Protestant 4.6%), Muslim 38.79, non-religious/other 19.54%, Baha'i 0.18%, Jewish 0.01%
    Multiple Listings


  • ANDORRA, Principality of: Population = 77,985, Capital = Andorra la Vella; Area = 468 sq. km.
    Christian 93.44% (Protestant 1.4%), non-religious/other 5%, Muslim 0.63%, Other 0.93%
    Multiple Listings


  • AUSTRIA: Population = 8,210,520 Capital = Vienna; (about 1/4 population) Area = 84,000 sq. km.
    Christian 89.77% (Protestant 3.3%), non-religious/other 7.68%, Muslim 2.23%, Jewish 0.10%, Baha'1/ Buddhist 0.06%, Hindu 0.03%, Chinese Religions 0.02
    Austria's Home Page


  • BELGIUM, Kingdom of: Population = 10,161,164 Capital = Brussels; Area = 30,500 sq. km (second most densely populated country in Europe).
    Christian 67.66% (Protestant 4.2%), non-religious/other 28.22%, Muslim 3.6%, Buddist 0.29, Jewish 0.21%, Baha'i 0.02%
    Belgium's Home Page


  • BELORUSSIA (White Russia or Byelarus): Population = 10,236,181 Capital = Minsk; Area = 207,600 sq. km.
    Christian 78.70 (Protestant 4.0%), non-religious/other 20.2%, Jewish 1.0%, Muslim 0.10%,
    Multiple Listings


  • BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: Population = 3,971,813 Capital = Sarajevo; Area = 51,129 sq. km.
    Muslim 60.06%, Christian 35.0% (Protestant 0.64%), non-religious/other 4,93%, Jewish 0.01%
    Multiple Listings


  • BULGARIA: Population = 8,225,045 Capital = Sofia; Area = 111,000 sq. km.
    Christian 80.24 (Protestant 5.4%), Muslim 11.87%, non-religious/other 7.83%, Jewish 0.05%, Baha'i 0.01%
    Bulgaria's Home Page


  • CROATIA: Population = 4,472,600 Capital = Zagreb; Area = 56,538 sq. km.
    Christian 94.43% (Protestant 3.3%), Muslim 3.0%, non-religious/other = 2.52%, Jewish 0.05%
    Multiple Listing


  • CYPRUS: Population = 785,551 Capital (divided) = Lefkosia/ Nicosia; Area = 9,251 sq. km.
    Christian 74.14% (Protestant 0.5%), Muslim 23.0%, non-Religious/other 2.90%, Jewish 0.02%
    Cyprus Home Page


  • CZECH REPUBLIC: Population = 10,244,177 Capital = Prague; Area = 78,000 sq. km.
    Christian 53.22% (Protestant 1.8%), non-Religious/other = 45.02%, Other 1.50%, Muslim 0.20%, Baha'i 0.03%, Jewish 0.02%, Buddhist 0.01%
    Czech's Home Page or   Czech Republic at your fingertips


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Although most of the above links take you to a country Home Page, you may be interested in specific national periodicals, journals, photos, not to mention travel tips, health reports and more! Excite's site has all of the above plus great links and its "City Links" will get you global info. You can also try Galaxy's Europe Page and click on a country. They often include links to the CIA world fact-book and other helpful listings.

Traveling to Europe? Check the weather or use CNN's weather guide. You can also check hotel listings, city guides, travel tips and air reservations (all on one site). Click here for Currency conversions plus embassy info. Country-specific search engines around the world European Tourist Information Centre (Travel, hotel reservations, sight-seeing, etc.) - in English European Travel Network - in English The European Railway Server (which has links to all of the Railway systems of every European country which allow you to access city-to-city scheduling & pricing).

For a good, general reference to Europe, click Eurochannel and check the European Union's server for information in a variety of languages.

Acknowledgements: above religion statistics are from "Operation World 21st Century Edition," 1993-2001 Patrick Johnstone and GMI. All Rights Reserved.

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