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79 Hindus embrace Islam at Khapro

79 Hindus embrace Islam at Khapro




Khapro: As many as 79 people belonging to Bhaeel fraternity have converted to Islam from Hinduism after being inspired from the teaching of Islam here at Muhammad Alam Rajar, an adjoining area of Khapro.

The converted people embraced Islam on the hands of Pri Ayub Jan Sarhindi and they are included on 20 men, 25 women and 34 children.

They were brought to Saro from Khapro in form of a procession. On the occasion, Pir Ayub Jan congratulated the covert and said that they had chosen the path of truth and just that possesses the success of both worlds.

The converted people while talking to Online said that they had embraced Islam by their free will after being inspired by the teachings of Islam and no one pressurized or influenced them to do so.

They said Islamic teaching had a positive impact on their lives therefore they chose Islam as their faith.

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