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Narrtive on present situation in Myanmar

Narrtive on present situation in Myanma


Sunday June 24 2012 19:58:35 PM BDT

By Mohamed Mufiz

Dear all Brothers and sisters who concerned in this regards

Date on 19.6.2012, some (20) Rakhine hooligans and members, of Sumaashin (reserved secret forces of USDP) in the supervision of Rathedaung Township administrator, secretly entered under the cover of nightfall in Anukprin village where the villagers are completely Rohingyas Muslims residing. All Rakhine hooligans are being well equipped with deadly weapons such as knives, daggers, bare swords, (unsheathed), swords in scabbard, machete like sword with a crescent shape tip, spares, bayonets, and inflammable materials to destroy, kill and fire the villages as seen by the people around the world. These Rakhine hooligans are being reinforced by local police and paramilitary who are purely Rakhine bloods.

Usually, to attack, destroy and burn to ashes Rohingya Muslims’ blocks in the Sittwe city and to fire the villages of Rohingyas along Rakhine state at this current situation, Rakhine manipulators usually hire the Rakhine hooligans from different places. That means to fire Sittwe, the hooligans are from somewhere of Rakhine state, may be from Punnagyun, kyauktaw, Rathedaung or else. In the deliberate burning incident of Sittwe city, the Rakhine hooligans are almost not likely from Sittwe.

Likewise to attack, destroy and burn Rathedaung Township Muslim villages in the past two or three days, the Rakhine hooligans might have been from ‘Punnagyun’ or elsewhere but not exactly from Rathedaung Township. The helpless villagers from Anukprin village, Rathedaung township were being alert at those nights as they got prior information of Rakhine hooligans’ invasion to the villages at the night fall, the alerted villagers have already designed to defend only some kinds of traps such as booby traps, snares and holes in the grounds to could seize the hooligans who were unaware of the Muslims villages’ geographical situation. Some unnamed (6) hooligans were already trapped and died in the snares as pre-planned by the Muslims. Having known about the incident in the field, the rest Rakhine hooligans have retreated back to Rathedaung Township and they might have reported these experiences to the Rathedaung Township administrator. Then, under the direction of the administrator, multi-organs from Rathedaung Township have set out to the concerned villages and randomly arresting and harassing the people sorted seven year old boy to 70 years elderly Rohingyas male. According to local people who have managed to run away from the killing, at least (30) Rohingya people from Anukprin village have already been tortured to dead. Due to unfortunate trapping and dead body of the Rakhine hooligans, the free hand authorities from Rathedaung township has got a free selection to arrest, torture and taking away Rohingya innocent to unknown place and at last the rest family feel they might have been killed without any hint under the absent of clues, or strong evidence to prove later on at local and international.

Until now, as per the local, thirty people from Anunkprin village were being tortured to dead including some pregnant women, and from Nyaunpingyi village there are 53 male and female have already been tortured to dead. Some (21) arrested and taken away to unknown destination people’ names from Anaukprin village are as below mentioned.

1) U Yusoop (f) KasimAli, former village chairman

2) U AbduRahman@Maung Maung Win (f) Yusoop, current village chairman

3) U Ba Tin (f) Mohamed Alam, former Secretary, 70 years old

4) U Ali Akbar (f) Kalu, 60 years

5) Huson chay(f) Sayed, currently village council member

6) U Zayid Hussan (f) Dil Mohamed, 30 years

7) U Mamet Ali@ Maung Maung Khin(f) Dil Mohamed, 18 years

8) U Laydaryar (f)Mohammed

9) Mrs. Banu (f) Zawbaur

For the rest 12 more people, we don’t still have available information.

Regarding the above multi human prepared atrocities and deliberate attack by Rakhine hooligans on innocent and vulnerable Rohingyas, there have been untold miserable tragedies against Rohingyas helpless people since more than two weeks now without any strong voice and action either from the local government or international community body to stop crime against humanity and the massacre.

Due to some sort of slight demand to stop the rampage and to restore enforcement of law and order in Rakhine state from both international governments and local government, the Thein Sein government had done some arrangement to be lessening the Rakhine organized hooligans’ mass atrocities against Rohingyas along the Rakhine state which have been beautifully run day in day out by Rakhine holigans. Despite the order issued no. 144 by president, the restoration of law has not been effective to stop the hooligan’s violence on Rohingyas completely. Rather, since then, there have been more Rohingya houses were being burned down to ashes by Rakhine in ignorance of law and order issued by President. The curfew is not for Rakhine people, but for Rohingyas. The curfew has not been protecting The Rohingyas but sheltering the hooligans. Taking cover of the curfew, the police, paramilitary let the Rohingya houses burned down during nights.

Rohingya have been sleepless watching the perilous and series of attacks by the hooligans. Rakhine do not abide the order, there is no action against them because all officials concerned are Rakhine national people. But Rohingyas are under 24 hours curfew order, meaning not only night, but also the whole day, Rohingyas aren’t being secured to go out for searching for food, opening shops, doing daily works, not only within a single township but also entire Rakhine state where there are Rohingyas. Our overall social conditions are very frustrated, deteriorated, humiliated, dehumanized and hopeless while, in one hand, the government of Myanmar does not taking loyally our security and livelihood issues and, on the other hand, the helpless Rohingyas depending and expecting heavily on international communities are only still busy with negotiation without taking any pressing effective action step as we are on the verge of extermination by the Rakhine hooligans in this critical condition.

Our Rohingyas community in Rakhine state is in the mouth of death ghost (Rakhine chauvinistic and organized hooligans) and we earnestly request international community to save us in time from the unsafe plan of both government of Myanmar and Rakhine people’ master plan to annihilate us from our ancestral land.

On behalf of entire Rohingyas community, the urgent and a very effective combined international community’s efforts as the most urgent matter to save our lives from this jeopardy is highly appreciated. Please, help us in time.

Mohamed Mufiz, a son of a victim from Rakhine state

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