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Myanmar refugees in Pakistan rally in support of ancestral lands

Refugees in Pakistan rally in support of ancestral lands



This is Arkan-abad, a slum named after the Western state of Arkan in Myanmar. Although tens of thousands of Rohingyan Muslims live in the port city of Karachi since 1971 but still their hearts beat with their ancestral lands.

Myanmar refugees in Pakistan rally in support of ancestral lands

Muhammad Ismail Arkani tells us the story of his parents when they flee Myanmar and how the June-violence reminds him the past of his ancestors. He blames the international community’s silence.
Pakistani Muslims have also been outraged over the recent violence against Rohingya. This is one of the Angery protests held on the streets of Pakistan and Government of Myanmar is the focus of this anger.

Muslims across Pakistan condemn the Myanmarese authorities who they say have supervise killings, rape, and mass arrests against Rohingya Muslims after failing to protect them during deadly violence in western Myanmar.

In its recently released 56 page report based on 57 interviews, Human Rights watch says the Myanmarese authorities failed to take adequate measures to stem rising tensions and the outbreak of sectarian violence in Arakan State.

" The demonstrators across Pakistan demanded from the Pakistani government to call Myanmar's ambassador and convey their resentment to him in strong words and get the Rohingyan Muslims killings stopped.

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