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1.  Islam in Pakistan
Islam is the official religion of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the 1998 census, it found 96% of the total population were Muslims, and in 2007 at 96% (Sunni 76%, Shi'a 20%). The estimated population of Muslims of Pakistan in 2008 is 169,800,000. Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. The majority of Muslims in Pakistan are Sunnis, and the Shi'a Muslim population is the second largest in the world after Iran.


2.Pakistan Info 
[By U.S. Library of Congress]
Formal Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Short Form: Pakistan.
Term for Citizen(s): Pakistani(s).
Capital: Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory).
Major Cities: Pakistan has seven cities with a population
of 1 million or more: Karachi (9,339,023), Lahore (5,143,495),
Faisalabad (2,008,861), Rawalpindi (1,409,768), Multan
(1,197,384), Hyderabad (1,166,894), and Gujranwala (1,132,509)