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1.  Islam in Singapore
Sunni Islam is the religion of about 15% of Singapore's population; mainly the sizeable Malay minority, who constitute about 13.9% of the country's population. Other adherents include Tamil, Pakistani and Arab Muslim communities together with a tiny number of Chinese and Eurasian followers of Islam.


2.  Singapore
Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in 1819. It joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but separated two years later and became independent. Singapore subsequently became one of the world's most prosperous countries with strong international trading links (its port is one of the world's busiest in terms of tonnage handled) and with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe.

Buddhist 42.5%, Muslim 14.9%, Taoist 8.5%, Hindu 4%, Catholic 4.8%, other Christian 9.8%, other 0.7%, none 14.8% (2000 census)


3. Singapore
[By U.S. Library Of Congress]
Formal Name: Republic of Singapore (English-language name).
Also, in other official languages: Republik Singapura (Malay),
Xinjiapo Gongheguo― 新加坡共和国 (Chinese), and Cingkappăr
Short Form: Singapore.


4.500 here convert to Islam every year
[By Vivi Zainol (The Straits Times)]
About 500 people here convert to Islam each year. That has been the average since the 1990s, said the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore. They include Chinese and Indian Singaporeans, Koreans, Japanese, Italians, New Zealanders, Swiss, French and Americans.