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1.  Police Arrest Members of Alleged Jihadi Financing Network  [By Yassin Musharbash (SPIEGEL ON LINE)]

Although German authorities were aware that French police were investigating a network of alleged terrorism financers, the request for help on Friday morning came as a surprise. The reason, though, was simple: One of the suspects is currently staying in Weil am Rhein, a town in the state of Baden-Württemberg close to the Swiss and French borders. However, the man, a Turk, actually lives in France.

2.Samarkand Marks 2750th Anniversary  
[By THE KOREA TIMES,08-28-2007]

Samarkand is one of the ancient cities of the world, and this уеаr celebrates its 2,750th anniversary. Тhis ancient city of Uzbekistan, often referred to as the Mirror of the World, the Garden of the Soul, the Jewel of Islam, the Реаrl of the East, and the Beauty of Sublunary Countries was the key Central Asian trading center оn the Great Silk Road for about 2,000 years.